PR’ RIBCAH Accommodation


 Guest house ‘Pr’ Ribcah “- the best choice for fishermen


Angler-friendly, small and simple tourist accommodation establishment Pr ‘Ribcah is located in central Kanomlja, only 5km away from Spodnja Idrija. Trophy district of Fishing Club Idrija begins only 50m away from the place on the beautiful small river Kanomljica.


Capacity: sleeps 7 persons (1x single room, 2x triple room)


Price list:

Without breakfast: € 21 / person

Breakfast: € 25 / person


Freshly prepared homemade food is available until 11pm during the summer.


Head of the guesthouse, the master of the fishing club, will be glad to offer you a tour of the fish farm, in which we are groving genetically pure Marble Trout (Upper Idrijca type) for the purpose of repopulation of waters of the club.


It is also possible to hire a fishing guide.



Zoran Jež

tel. +386 41407688


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