Galvanizing plant in Cerkno

As regards galvanizing plant in Cerkno we are in close contact with the Secretary of the Municipality of Cerkno and Mrs. Livija Štremfelj. Governing board of Fishing Club Idrija is scheduled for 16 June and the issue of the galvanizing in Cerkno will be discussed there. It is expected that the governing board will take a negative opinion regarding galvanizing plant. My opposition, I already expressed. Fishing club Idrija will try to assert their disagreement as a party to the proceedings (if we become a party to the proceedings). To help reach these goals we have contacted an international ecological association for the preservation of the Soca and its tributaries (Save the Soča), we also turned on to our umbrella organization (Fishing Association of Slovenia), as well as the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia.
President of Fishing club Idrija
Zoran Babič