Idrija Fly Fishing Festival 2016

First discussions on the idea of having a proper fly fishing festival in Slovenia were next to River Idrijca in summer of 2015. A small idea of screening some fly fishing films and a small fair grew through the autumn and into the winter bigger and bigger. Young team from Idrija Fishing Association is trying a new concept of a festival combining films, exhibition and fly fishing. We have brought to Europe for the first timeINTERNATIONAL FLY FISHING FILM FESTIVAL™ and really excited to see what IF4 has for us in 2016.

And the more we talked about it the more we realised that without these pristine waters and ecosystems, we couldn’t fish, we couldn’t watch all these films and there would be no point of tying down crazy fly patterns. There is something more to all this than just hanging out by the rivers. It is about keeping the rivers in their natural state, preserving their wilderness and the landscape they run through. That is why we deemed it essential that our festival should also talk about the nature conservation and that general public should be aware of the importance on wild rivers for all of us. It is not just the fisherman and kayaks that enjoy on pristine waters; everyone wants to see deep blue and green pools running through rouged canyons and full of fish, everyone wants to cool down in the scorching hot summer days, and everyone posts a selfie when they visit such a wild place.

River Idrijca, jewel of the region, embedded in the history of local environment, culture, and people. And in the depths of River Idrijca lies one of the biggest treasures of fish evolution, a unique predator famed for its pattern, size, and especially cautious character. The ultimate challenge for any avid fly fisherman – Marble Trout type Idrijca. We dubbed it Idrijska Trout. It is for this trout that this festival exists – to protect its rivers, environment of the entire region, and to protect Idrijska Trout itself.

Welcome to a festival devoted to water, rivers, environment, and to Idrijska Trout.